How do I have my dog transported cross-country?

I just moved across the country from California to Virginia. Since I didn’t have appropriate living conditions for my dog on the trip, I had to leave her in CA with my ex girlfriend. Now I’m set up in my new house and I need to get my dog all the way to Virginia now. Does anybody know of any options for this? Obviously my main priority is her safety, but I imagine some of the options are just absurdly expensive. I was wondering if anyone knew of some affordable options.


You basically have 2 options:

1. To send your dog on a flight with a commercial airline. You can find all the exact information on the airlines websites. There’s a fee involved and you must call to confirm as there is a limit to the number of pets that are allowed on each flight (whether on board or in cargo), and you have to make sure to call in advance to reserve the option and have the papers ready. You will be required to provide a health and vaccinations certificate from your vet.

2. You can use a pet carrier. These are 3rd party companies that do door-to-door pet transportation. It takes out the hassle of gathering the information and doing the coordinations and paperwork yourself, but obviously more expensive as well. You can call around for rates, I’ve attached a link to that, as well as a couple of articles regarding the subject.

Good luck to you and your dog!

What does it suggest about me that i want to be tied down in a relationship?

What does it mean about me if I want to be tied down in a relationship? I get turned on when a guy starts being possessive. However if their mean then I leave right away so I know its not insecurity. Please help

I love girls that are like that. I am so fucking possessive it usually pisses them off.

Airplane that crash landed into a minefield at an Iraq airport?

At least I believe it was Iraq. I remember a episode of Mayday where a plane had to crash land at an airport that had recently be taken back from Saddam’s control, but the fields around it where still mined, and thus passengers couldn’t just run out of hte plane the emergency crews had to clear a path for them through the mine field.

The plane that took off from Baghdad was a DHL cargo plane and it was shot down with a missile. However the plane was able to land. Therefore there were only a few crew members and no passengers so it was not as though everyone was running all over the place.

LAX Cargo Safety Fair 2013 -Scary Trailer

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Securing Loads Safely

0 Securing Loads Safely NRSC.comThis program helps employees comply with DOT regulations relating to securing loads This video is for sale $225 Securing loads safely on tractor trailers. Topics include: different types of trucks and associated loading requirements, load securement procedures, number of straps needed for different loads, working load limits and other related safety information. Great training to ensure you and your vehicles are not cited or placed out of service due to non-compliance issues.

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Review of Erickson Trailer Cargo Control EM09144 –

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Today we're going to review part number EM09144. This is the Erickson Roller Idler for the E-Track system. This roller idler will let you secure your vehicle by the tie or by the frame to the E-Track system in your trailer. Basically when you tie down your vehicle in your trailer, the ratcheting either needs to be done underneath the car where there usually isn't enough space. And if you try to run the strap out from underneath the car so that you can use the ratchet, the strap will rub against the bumper. This E-Track roller idler will allow you to easily use a ratchet to tighten the strap, while keeping the strap from rubbing the bumper.

Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

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Road To The CFR Innisfail 2013 Tie Down Roping

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how do you replace Tailgate of dodge durango 2001?

I wanted to know how to replace my rusted 2001 dodge durango tailgate with a new one its the door door in the back of the cargo area. how can I remove the old one and insert a new one?

Much better question Jeff, although technically a tailgate comes on a Dakota pickup.
A much better choice for a do-it-your-selfer would be to replace it with a good used lift-gate, because a new one from the Dodge dealer, or even an aftermarket manufacturer will be difficult. They don’t have anything on them. No paint, no window, no latches, just a thin coat of primer. All of this you can do yourself if you have some skills, but a far better choice for an amateur is to get to know the guys at the junkyard, and have them be on the lookout for a complete one. Most have a statewide network and can probably even find you one in the color you need.
I say this because two of the hardest things to do here are replace the window correctly, and apply a good paint job. So if you can buy one with those things already done you are much better off.
The electrics can be complicated too as there are more than you would think. I’m pretty sure that the durangos of that year all have a rear wiper, power lock, and high center break-light, but mine (a 2000) also has an interior cargo light, and rear window defroster. All of which can be unplugged, but chasing them to and from can be tedious work. Make sure and label them as you unplug them.
If you don’t have an overhead lift system you will need a couple strong friends to help remove and install it. It is very heavy. you can get some idea of how much it weighs by removing the two hydraulic lift assists, and opening it up.
The bolts holding it to the hinges are straight forward enough, but getting it to line up and latch properly is essential, as this could be a huge safety issue. This could take many, many minor adjustments. Be patient and don’t slam it. Another good reason for buying one used with the latch already installed, Plus the junkyard will usually give you some money for your old one (window, wiper motor, lights, etc.).
I’m not quite sure how to deal with the key lock or the little squirter gizmo, but if you get this far, you will figure it out.
I hope I haven’t talked you out of it, because doing it yourself can save you a lot of money and is very rewarding. Good luck.

Do tie downs actually work on a head tossing horse?

Thinking of trying a tie down…will it help my mare who tosses her head or do I need to try retraining her completly? And no its not a health related behaviour…she has been vet checked. Tack fits properly also!

Sure they "work" in that they stop the horse from tossing its head. However, they do nothing to solve the real problem and just mask it until it resurfaces at a later date.

Tie-downs can be dangerous- by restricting a horse’s head movement, they prevent it from being able to balance properly if it trips or falls. If a horse goes down in a tie-down, it’s going to have a tough time getting back up.

So, really this is just a training issue… and you need to ask yourself if you want to work to fix it, or if you want to take an easy (yet potentially dangerous) shortcut.